Volodymyr Babanin
Rybchincy, Kyiv region
How to support Ukrainian businesses?
My story

Hello everyone!

My name is Volodymyr. My friend Serhiy and I are internally displaced people from Donbas. We made our first attempts to start our own business in the free, Ukrainian Donetsk. But in 2014, after the occupation of Donetsk by Russian troops, due to our patriotic pro-Ukrainian views, we had to leave everything to preserve our freedom and life.

We moved to Kyiv and it has been 8 years since we started from scratch. We have always liked agribusiness, since the days when we worked at ProCredit Bank and provided loans to farmers.

We’ve made our dream come true and now we have our own farm – “Your Farm”. That’s what we decided to call our project.

Our current financial obligations exceed USD 200,000.

We’ve borrowed all this money from individuals at a fairly high interest rate per month, which we’ve regularly paid and continue to pay to this day.

We rented out a completely ruined farm with a view to buy it out.

The two of us wired the farm for electricity, revived the well, laid a water pipeline, repaired some of the buildings, and set up production.

We now grow pigs and chickens, and also strawberries and raspberries. On February 23, 2022, we opened our first branded store in Kyiv, which continues its operation. But the war caught up with us a second time.

We continue and will continue to work as this is our dream; the dream to be free, successful businessmen-farmers who grow a quality product with a piece of their soul.

Monthly interest payments on large loans do not allow for normal business development and profit reinvestment. The war made everything very expensive. Including the currency in which loan payments are made.

Your help is an investment!

Glory to Ukraine! We believe in the Armed Forces!

Building an economy!


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