Yaroslav Semenets
Kyiv, Kyiv
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Kyiv dry jam is a sweet, natural handmade candied fruit, recreated according to authentic recipes of the XIX century. A real gastronomic symbol of the capital, a branded souvenir that is transported from Kyiv abroad to colleagues, friends, and family.

Svitlana and Yaroslav Sements, Ukrainian entrepreneurs and a happy couple, started the production of Kyiv dry jam six years ago. The recipe was found in Olena Malakhovets’ book “A Gift to Young Housewives” of the late 19th century. They borrowed the best from the culinary traditions of the past, carefully studied the cooking process, and made a thousand and one attempts until they reached the desired taste, moderate sweetness, and elasticity of candied fruit.

This sweet and natural product is a source of energy and strength for our defenders. During wartime, we are ready to provide a constant free supply of candied fruit to the front. All that is left for everyone is to join as a sponsor so that we could produce, feed, and report on the victory. Every hryvnia counts!

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