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My story


My name is Lisa, and I’m graduating from the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv majoring in international economics. I am a volunteer, activist, and now also an entrepreneur 🙂

On May 1, I opened a coworking space on the left bank of Kyiv, which is now raising money for the Armed Forces.

It all happened due to a mix of opportunity and necessity. On the first days of the full-scale invasion, I set up the Kyiv Humanitarian Center with my friends to help the army, hospitals, and civilians. In time, I became the Chief Manager of this center and now I am in charge of all the processes. We fundraise money abroad, but we want to continue fundraising for the army needs here in Ukraine. However, simply asking for money is no longer an option as we need to create added value, support the economy by paying taxes and thus receive even more donations.

When talking with people in a war-time Kyiv, I saw the increasing demand for places to work, come together, and be creative, while still not forgetting about the war efforts.

We decided that the premises that my parents had long ago bought on credit and not currently using should not stay empty. The coworking space is almost ready, and already has value for the community.

Our strategy now is “Work in progress” – meaning that we will grow along with the people who will visit us. So far, as of May 17, 2022, we have hosted six events various in nature (centered around the Ukrainian history, philosophy and politics, propaganda, and even a screening of the Ukrainian movie “Shadows of Unforgotten Ancestors” together with its director Lubomyr Levytskyi). All the speakers and organizers are volunteers; all funds go to support coworking operations and the Armed Forces through the Kyiv Humanitarian Center.

💙💛 We are a social business.

Therefore, 40% of profits go to the Kyiv Humanitarian Center and the remaining 60% are reinvested to finish up the coworking space and cover the taxes, utility, internet, and security alarm bills. We thus maintain the financial stability of the business.

My plan for the next two months is to turn this space into a full-fledged coworking and community center. A place where Ukrainians will be able to hold events centered around war efforts support, reconstruction of Ukraine, our culture, our history, etc. A place for networking of freelancers and remote workers.

▪️ Who is helping me?

My dad, who so far owns this business. Also my fellow activists: designer, copywriter, event manager, architect, lawyer, IT specialist, etc.! We all work together on this common idea 🙂


▪️ Where can I read more?

Visit our Instagram page – the first three posts tell our story – or write me on social networks, I am open to discussion!

💸 Where does the money go?

Our space is not yet completely ready to raise more funds and hold quality events.

I plan to use this money to finish up the kitchen (UAH 20,000), buy tables and chairs (UAH 20,000), and advertise events (UAH 5,000) so that more people could join. And also to be able to hold events without fees, i.e. to cover the utility bills and rent (UAH 25,000). I am ready to publish reports to give an account for all the money spent. For example, by creating a shared Google Sheet and folder with all invoices.

❤️We need your support! We are a young and socially responsible business!

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