Anton Glumakov
How to support Ukrainian businesses?
My story

Hello, friends! 

My name is Anton, I am the owner of a small business called UkrModa. 

This is an online store of embroidered goods, which was founded in 2012. Our goods became popular when the war has begun in 2013. We have developed and worked for all Ukrainians around the world. Every Ukrainian was dressed in national clothes, whole families were dressed in national clothes, artists, singers and actors approached us. We have sponsored such wonderful events as “Megamarch in embroidered shirts” and “SheFest”. At the same time, we started a charity: we donated embroidered shirts as part of a project that we came up with, called “Outstanding Ukrainians”. The purpose of this projects is we selected volunteers, doctors, artists and gave them embroidered shirts. We helped orphanages and children with cancer. 

But everything changed on 24.02.2022 after the brazen and insidious invasion of russia on our land. 

The business stopped completely. 

During the first month, no one bought anything, there was no demand for our products, because everyone instantly became a refugee. 

Despite all these horrors of war, our team decided not to stop and focus on humanitarian aid. We help fill trucks with food and deliver to the ones in need. 

While we were supporting people in need, insidious russians began shelling our capital. 

A fragment of a rocket fell near our office and destroyed our premises. There was nowhere to return. 

Even though our office was gone, we decided to resume work, started working only online and at the same time looking for an opportunity to rebuild the office. 

Unfortunately, there are no funds to rent a new one. There are no funds to advertise our products, but we do not give up and try to work in wartime, fulfilling the orders for our customers. 

That is why we need your support. We need funds for a new office and for the first two or three months for advertising. 

We are not going to stop and we are not going to give up. 

We continue to work and volunteer to save our Ukraine and its economy. 

We are trying to unite Ukrainians around the world. 

And we will definitely win! Ukraine will win! 


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