Kateryna Kulchenko
How to support Ukrainian businesses?
My story

Hi there!

My name is Kateryna, and I am 32 years old.

I began to make my way in business almost 10 years ago. First, I found customers who came to my one-room apartment. I made a templet, sewed a sample, and went to a clothes fitting. My client was so pleased, as the sample fitted her from the first fitting. Then we started working. At first, I did everything myself: templets, samples, I also cut and sewed and even packed everything myself. I later found a seamstress and a cutter, who worked at home. Then I kick-started production in the room 100m2, and later moved to an office of 240m2. After that, I thought about my own brand.

That’s how the story of “Arturela” began (the name was inspired by my children’s names: Arthur and Angela). Two years later we moved to a 380m2 office, and another year – to a 800m2 space. And everything was fine, until one morning of February 24, 2022, when things got out of hand. Now my employees are out of work.

I had to go to Poland with my children and turned from a businesswoman into an unemployed and homeless person. A month later I and my manager decided to launch sales in stock.

I had an opportunity to move production to a safer area. But the production and the brand itself are not equipment, but people. People, who come to work with love and do everything they can to make our product the best.

Now our workers and production are in Kharkiv. We need money for the purchase of raw materials, payment of wages and rent.

We will be grateful for any help and support!


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