Oksana Sumiatina
Mariupol, Донецька
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My story

Good evening! We are from Mariupol! 🇺🇦

We are Yevhen and Oksana Sumyatina. And we have a family confectionery VotScake. The main artist and confectioner is Eugene, and I, Oksana, do the decoration of our works.

It started because of Yevhen’s dream – to open his cozy cafe … At first, it made us smile because working at a metallurgical plant with a hell schedule of 4/5 seemed to leave neither strength nor free time … But dreams must come true! And a year ago, we started creating our own delicacies at home. During the year we successfully passed several training courses, bought the necessary equipment, carefully selected accessories, made blanks, developed our base of grateful customers and made big plans for the future …

And then … then everything disappeared … all the equipment, tools, blanks … even our home disappeared … and our beautiful kitchen will never be filled with the aroma of our desserts …

BUT! The main thing is that we survived! Although the enemy took away our house, he will not be able to take away our Dream! Even if he took our past life, we will not give him our Future!

We look forward to your support and would be very grateful for any help.

Victory will be ours! Everything will be Ukraine! Everything will be VotScake! 💛💙

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