Roman Barannik
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My story

My name is Roman and I am the director of  Akvia Water.
That’s true, our business is dealing with water, its purification, delivery to people, storage or establishment, and maintenance of the systems that can make safe, physiologically full-value, useful drinking water out of any puddle water.

Our company is a family business started by my father in 1999. Later, in 2010, I joined him as an assistant. In a while, our team was joined by my elder brother who took the position of the head of logistics, and my wife as an accountant.

Today, our company  now its name is Research and Production Association Aquia unites not only our family members but also includes other specialists: engineers, technologists, drivers, freight forwarders, contact center employees, and other employees.
We are the only company in Ukraine with a permit for the safe storage of water in breathable containers. Our patented technology allows for 30 days of storage compared with the normal 24-hour shelf life.
In 2021, we opened the Water Museum in our native city of Zaporizhzhia.

We managed to do that thanks to the support of Zaporizhzhia National University.
But, the current difficult circumstances have offered new challenges for all of us. The museum is not the priority right now. High-quality drinking water, however, is in demand, and we deliver it to everyone who needs it.

We have an idea to create a mobile workshop for drinking water post-treatment, so to speak post-treatment “on wheels”. The idea is to install a universal water purification system in the truck body. This system would be delivered to any place on its own wheels, submerge its hoses to any source, even polluted, either an underground or a surface water body, and purify the water, turn it into high-quality and safe drinking water, and salinity or contamination of the water source would not matter.

The implementation of the idea would require funds. We will be implementing the project in any case, but with your support, it would be much easier and faster.
This solution could quench thirst of thirsty people, and possibly save someone’s life.

Thank you all for your attention.

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