Oleh Balykin
How to support Ukrainian businesses?
My story

Good afternoon, we are from Ukraine!
My name is Oleh Balykin, I am a private entrepreneur from Odesa.
We created children entertainment centers in Severodonetsk, Lysychansk, and Kharkiv 6 years ago. We lived and worked there.
We had excellent customers, did our best to make children and guests happy. We were investing what we were earning to develop our business.
The war started for us from the first moment, as well as for many of the Ukrainians. From the very first day, we started helping people as much as we could.
At the moment, we are exhausted and we have debts but these problems don`t stop us, we continue helping people, we want peace and prosperity for our country and for the whole world, and we want to move on.
That’s why we are asking for financial support. We will be grateful for every penny and will report the spendings.
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We have the following plans:
– continue to volunteer, assist people (humanitarian aid, supply to the front line, evacuating people to more safe places, resettlement, psychological support, etc.)
– restore our children center, construct and reconstruct others.
– make happy childhood moments, partially we saved the equipment that we can use at the moment.
– develop other projects for the reconstruction of our country and support the Ukrainians.
We believe in our victory, the victory of humanity, peace, and happiness!

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