Galina Budilova
Kyiv, Київська область
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My story

The history of the publishing house and creative agency “Little Beetle Press” began a few months before the war. Our job is to create interesting, useful and relevant books for children and parents. Creating truly magical universes, we eventually realized that they were cramped on paper, so we also develop other children’s content of any format: games, music, comics, cartoons etc.

All our projects are as relevant and therapeutic as possible. We strive to help parents and all those who work with children to provide the necessary information in today’s reality, age-appropriate and environmentally friendly for children. Among our books – publications on ecology, coronavirus and post covid disease, we are also preparing to publish a publication about the  war – it will be useful to parents of children who have become IDPs, as well as all those who will accept such families abroad. Authors from different countries, as well as psychologists, will be involved in publishing poetry in two languages ​​(English and Ukrainian).

Our team believes that the book is the best toy for children and a great therapeutic tool for parents, teachers and everyone who works with children. The combination of fantasy and real worlds in our daily lives is the perfect space for imagination, learning and strengthening ties between family members.

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