How to support Ukrainian businesses?
My story

IWHOME company was established in 2021. Its principle objective was to build houses quickly while making them comfortable, stylish, and of high quality. It took me a month to build the house of my dream! My house was built with robotic equipment, and the assembly of the house was similar to that of LEGO bricks.

In February 2022, the company took part in the Kyiv Build exhibition. The project attracted avid interest, and we even managed to conclude several contracts.

The day of 24 February, however, changed our plans and the life of the entire country.

However, there was certainly no time to fall into despair. So, we decided that our construction technology can save entire families of displaced persons. The decision was therefore taken to resume the functioning of our facilities and to work. We need help to purchase equipment, which will make it possible to increase production output and produce up to 50 houses a month.

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