Artem Dmytrychenko
How to support Ukrainian businesses?
My story

We are the team of from Odesa. Our product is a simple and convenient cloud service for hoteliers which covers most operational issues in hotel management. Our goal is developing a Ukrainian product and becoming the best in our niche, and we are boldly moving towards it.

We invite everyone to become an investor and participate in the development of a Ukrainian hotel service. At the moment, we need to raise UAH 75,000 to pay our programmers to add more features that will allow us to connect more hotels that are looking for alternatives to Russian services.

What is our potential?

First, we have a strong coordinated team of developers who have been working on the project since 2018, so the system is stable and will not fall. We have experience in the hotel industry, so we understand the most important processes there. Over the years it earned us a stellar reputation and no negative feedback. 

Second, we have our own unified sales channel, which was developed by Ukrainian specialists for the Ukrainian market, while being compliant with international services (, Expedia). Here we have a booking module, a fiscal cash register, documents uploading option through the Diya app, Internet-acquiring.

Third, more and more hotels are joining our system. The demand is growing rapidly, but unfortunately, sometimes we still lack features to meet the needs of some hoteliers today.

Lastly, we are currently connecting to global sales channels of Airbnb and Google Hotels, which allows us to compete with European analogues. We direct all subscription fees to the product development and taxes.

At the beginning of the war, we abandoned all Russian hotels and blocked their access in 2 hours. Yes, we lost a share of the income, but that was our principled position. To continue updating our product, we need to attract 200 hotels, hostels, resorts and mini-hotels. Each owner will have the opportunity to choose their future system features, and thus, together we will make a service that will be used by thousands of hotels around the world.

Support our cause, let’s make a Ukrainian product to be proud of together.


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