Mykola Kysel
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My story

I am Mykola Kysel, managing director, a source of motivation and a Doctor Online-Assistant project cofounder.

We started in 2019 as the Doctor Online –Assistant to provide telecommunication healthcare services all over Ukraine. The platform offers a chance for an online consultation from a doctor 24/7.

For two complete years of work, we have

 over 1 million of users in Ukraine;

 over 150 thousand consultations provided;

 over 151 countries are using the app and have for now had minimum one consultation. It is  possible to attract foreign customers because we have a built-in automatic translator into 40 foreign languages.

  become a leading platform in terms of number of downloads on the Ukrainian market

The platform is able to provide services to 10 patients simultaneously due to our neural network which increases the number of consultations and profit several tens of times. 11 languages are available in the application.

Due to the war against Russia:

These horrific days all our people have united in an effort to help. Our doctors leave the shelters when the air raid sirens fade away and go back to work. Volunteers from various countries have joined us to help Ukrainians.

  •  We have had more than 10000 free of charge consultations for Ukrainians for now. In a joint effort with others, we have assisted:

15 women at the early stages of pregnancy

780 senior people with heart conditions

98 infants with congenital conditions

800 children with anxiety (post traumatic war syndrome)

  •  An alarming figure- around 3000 requests from the bereaved for psychological help and those who were physically assaulted
  • Most requests are about the change in the treatment as the prescribed medication is unavailable at the moment.
  •  Around 800 professionals in various fields have joined us lately. Doctors from the Adonis Clinique, the Amosov Institute and other healthcare centers are available on daily bases to offer their assistance.
  • Over 1000 doctors from other countries:

Professors from American medical institutes, practitioners from India, Indonesia, Poland, Romania, Spain, The UK, Germany, Switzerland and the US.

  • We receive requests from Ukrainians from all over the world (Poland, Romania, Germany, Italy, Canada, the US)

When we have a chance to help at least one person, we take it as a small victory for Ukraine. For now, we  offer free of charge consultations for our customers. We are looking for help. Download our application and take advantage of the free use:

👉📱Android –

👉📲IOS –

Our website:

We are on social accounts: 


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