Natalia Ragozina
How to support Ukrainian businesses?
My story

Hello there!
My name is Natalia Ragozina, I’m from Kyiv.
I’ve had my own business since 2018 a cooking shop that produces ready-made
broths and demiglas sauce.
Our products are very popular with our chefs and everyone who cooks food at home,
because they let you prepare delicious dishes very quickly, without wasting time on a long cooking of broths.
We’ve sold our products online and in various stores. On the day of the beginning of
the war, we had a lot of ready-made products, which we gave to the territorial defence units right away. Unfortunately, our cooking shop is located quite close to the dangerous areas (Boucha, Irpin’, Hostomel), so we have been scared to work during the period of active war actions. Now we are trying to restore our production, and we need 150 000 UAH in order to re-launch our shop, purchase raw materials and start paying wages to our employees.
We will be very grateful for your help!

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