Natalia Sokolova
Kyiv, Kyiv region
How to support Ukrainian businesses?
My story

I have been helping professionals and young people find their professional path and achieve success for 16 years now. Their satisfaction with the chosen work, the pride of managers for the success of employees – I am always motivated to help more!

“How to help everyone, not just individual candidates?” I thought once.

And so appeared Joberz – a job resource with personal opportunities for everyone. It helps to find a job / candidate based on strong personal qualities, not just work experience – finding the perfect match between vacancies and candidates.


And I am its co-founder, Natalia. Hello!


We went to our own platform for several years.

Wanting to create a qualitatively different resource than the existing ones, we went through many decisions. But in the end, we began to create a fully original product)


  • This is how our “Soft skills scanner” appeared – a test that identifies up to 8 strongest personal qualities, and is an effective criterion for selecting candidates, especially without work experience. More than 7,000 people have already passed it, and 98% have confirmed their result!
  • Joberz fully launched in early 2022, and candidates have already fallen in love with our CV template – because it helps to present yourself to the employer in a cool way.
  • And recruiters appreciated the large selection of filters, sufficient for the most accurate resume searches


Unfortunately, the war made its adjustments – we had to stop developing some solutions, and pause some new ideas. Our team, which was located all over Ukraine, also decreased. However, we did not give up and adjusted:

  1. Together with other volunteers we created a help bot that unites Ukrainians in the countries where they are temporarily
  2. And assistance to enterprises of critical infrastructure in filling vacancies has grown into a separate solution – a geolocation-based telegram-bot job search toolfor The recruiter places the vacancy tied to a specific point, and it is immediately seen by all candidates who are nearby. The bot instantly became popular, attracting more than 16,000 users in the first week alone
  3. And so that parents can work and not worry about what to do with their children we also made a bot that works on a similar basis and helps to find activities for children within walking distance –


All this time we worked, provided help absolutely free of charge, relying on our own savings. Now our possibilities are exhausted, and only your support will allow us to continue working. We all really want to continue to bring together companies and candidates who fit each other and give happiness from work – especially in this difficult time!


Why is it so important to support our cause now?

  • we develop unique software solutions for candidates and employers – which will take job search and candidates to a qualitatively new level
  • we help people without experience or those that change the field of work to easily find their place based on their strengths
  • we will continue to accurately seek for companies and candidates who exactly fit each other, and will get the most out of cooperation!


So, we will turn each of your donations into a job for those who really need it.


Thank you!


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