Oleksandr Hrabovskyi
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Glory to Ukraine!

My name is Oleksandr Hrabovskyi, I am the founder of the Star Face Family brand group.

Since 2013, Star Face Family has been hosting beauty and fashion events and organizing educational and entertainment projects for quality leisure and personal development in today’s society. The Star Face Family model school had 200 students in peacetime; the team consists of about 50 people (instructors, managers, photographers, partners), and we know exactly how to make children’s leisure time interesting and useful.

Our team cannot stand on the sidelines while there are so many children in Ivano-Frankivsk who have experienced stress in some way or another and miss their usual life. Therefore, we decided to create a new comfort zone for internally displaced children and youth and launched a CHARITABLE EDUCATIONAL PROJECT “EYES OF PEACE”

Participation in the project is absolutely free for everyone. We engage the most competent experts and ensure that everyone gets to experience new skills, emotions, and feels like a citizen of a progressive, European nation.

We have the following classes:

– mental health;

– personal development;

– art therapy;

– acting;

– public speaking;

– choreography.

Our project is made to give a little peace to mothers who rescued their children at the sound of gunshots. We want them to be able to bring their children to a place where they can have some good time, feel positive emotions, and get new hobbies and skills. Where they will be able to take their mind off of the horrors that surrounded them.

Our team, which during the war consists of 23 wonderful people, has started this project and supports it with its own resources and money. We receive no support from sponsors, the government, or charities.

Since the beginning of March, more than 300 students from all over Ukraine joined us. We intend to hold free classes until the end of martial law. But we could do even more, if not for the limited financial resources, which are lacking in particular to cover the operating costs and to scale up the project. We are ready to work even harder and better so that our children and youth are successful and happy right now.

We would like to ask the people who care to help out the project and give all newcomers reaching out every day an opportunity to join the classes.

We do not plan to stop or limit participation. After all, absolutely everyone deserves a chance to recover and maintain mental health.

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