Alexandra Kartseva
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My story


I’m the founder of Mimi Correctional Kindergarten, who needs your support. We work with children who have developmental delays and autism spectrum in Odessa. This is a special place that I created primarily for my 4-year-old son, who suffers from autism. After active years of medical rehabilitation, we relied on the game environment and quality interaction with specialists such as speech therapist, neuropsychologist, adaptive physical education classes and others. When I first started the kindergarten, I managed to attract a team that not only does its job, but also really accepts and understands children with special needs, preserves the child’s personality, achieves results, with respect and acceptance.

Details about the Kindergarten:

  • Homelike environment with groups of 6 kids (2 groups in a 200 sq m room);
  • Group classes with certified teachers (possibility of additional individual classes);
  • Indoor, outdoor playgrounds;
  • Nutrition based exclusively on the gluten-free, casein-free, soy-free and sugar-free diet;
  • Ability to have parents present during the adaptation period;
  • Full video surveillance for the parents’ peace of mind. 

    Currently, the work of the kindergarten is temporarily suspended, but we continue to work on plans for its development. We dream of implementing garden therapy in the backyard. We have already agreed that we will bring salt stones from Romania and make a playroom with ionized air. We will make a room of salt so children can play in it and not lay still for 40-50 minutes (for children with hyperactivity it’s a torture). Ionized air therapy is the best way to prevent hypoxia, which directly affects the nutrition of the brain and improves its functions. I can proudly say that in our kindergarten these children had better dynamics and responded better to out methods rather than working with many specialists who only cared about the result, not the child itself. We believe that our children will be fully adapted members of the society in new, free Ukraine.

Make your contribution to the future of Ukrainian children today! Thank you.

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