Roman Riabov
How to support Ukrainian businesses?
My story


My name is Roman Ryabov, I have been a professional property appraiser since 2002. Before the war, our company – “Delta-Konsaltynh” LLC – had worked in Kharkiv. It was a family business because my wife Anastasia is also a property appraiser too.

For 19 years, we have been evaluating real estate, land plots, cars and equipment for local companies and individuals. We have paid taxes and constantly improved our skills.

On the outbreak of war on February 24, 2022, we had to leave our native city of Kharkiv, as hostilities were already carried out near our home, and Russian artillery began shelling the whole city. We went to Vinnytsia. Thanks to our acquaintances-entrepreneurs, we managed to rent low-cost housing and got settled in a new place.

When the first month of the war was over, we decided to do something, to start working somehow. But there were no orders or customers. Firstly, the war, and secondly, no one knew us in Vinnytsia.

Our friends managed to send us some office equipment from Kharkiv, and we took some chairs from haven for refugees.

We started advertising our services on the Internet and looking for customers.

Now we have several clients, but this is a small amount of work and without the help of the State of Ukraine and the UN, it would have been hard for us.

We want to develop business in Vinnytsia while the war is on. But after the war, of course, we want to return home to Kharkiv.



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