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Glory to Ukraine!

We are the law firm “Law Network” aiming at protection of the armed forces veterans’ rights. According to government regulations, those who spent their whole lives protecting our home country and its citizens have had considerable cuts in their retirement incomes in recent years.

Our team takes this to the court to ensure the statutory entitlements for the military veterans are paid.

Despite the low salaries, our lawyers have continued their work since the war broke out. We are encouraged by our mission to defend the rights of our defenders and help them improve their financial standing.

We also provide legal assistance to the current servicemen and women.

We are looking for the financial support to provide our team of 80 employees and offices in three big cities of Ukraine.

We are currently struggling  to cover all the expenses. That is why we are asking for donations.

When you help us, you help the retired military personnel.

 We trust in the victory of Ukraine. 

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