Expert Beauty Clinic
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My story

Hello! We are the team of Expert Beauty Clinic, beauty and cosmetology center.  The main thing we want to say is that for us this is not only a job, but a part of our soul, our life!  Each of us has made an invaluable contribution and turned this place into the best, professional and sincere…

We provide services in the field of cosmetology, dermatology, hairdressing and nail service at the highest level!  After all, each of us is a fan of his work.

But the damned war has come… Therefore, we are turning to you with a request for financial support.  Please, HELP US SURVIVE!  Now we are working in very difficult conditions and we are working hard!  But there is a catastrophic lack of funds to pay wage arrears, rent, utility bills, and the purchase of materials! We need your support to save job for our team. They have families and this job for them is the only possibility to survive.

We will be sincerely glad and grateful for any amount!

Together we will win!  GLORY TO UKRAINE!

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