Yevhenii Dovhaliuk
Chervone Zarichcha, Kyiv region
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My story

Hello world!

My name is Yevhenii Dovhaliuk.

I am building the Center for the Study and Conservation of Nature, Culture and Architecture “Ozero Supii”.

This project was made of love. I managed to look inside myself and understand my desires, find my way.

Since 2020, I have been actively involved in three fields towards the creation of the Center for the Study and Conservation of Nature, Culture and Architecture “Ozero Supii”.

  1. Constant inventory of nature. I do it every year, I describe all kinds of flora and fauna that I meet around the lake Supii. As a result, I publish a book-photo album so that future generations will be able to obtain data on the distribution of flora and fauna in Ukraine.
  2. I am collecting a library of Ukrainian-language books. I look for the bulk of books at book flea markets, and I buy some while traveling in Ukraine (Chernihiv, Kaniv, Chernivtsi, Kyiv, etc.). Today the library has about 250 books in Ukrainian on three topics: nature, culture and architecture. I am creating new tourist routes. In the region of location we look for forgotten or little-known places (buildings, parks, forests, churches, monuments), take photos of them from the sky, add them to the map, and then create three types of routes – walking – up to 5 km, cycling – up to 30 km , cars – up to 100 km). Thus we develop local and international tourism in the region.

This project does not generate a solid product that is sold for money. Today, due to the war in Ukraine, we are internally displaced persons. That is why we continue to study the information available on the Internet about routes, objects and the history of the region.

Our goal is to raise UAH 1 million to complete the construction of the Volunteer House on the territory of the future Center. Shoot a full series in Ukrainian and English about the region’s tourist attractions. Also, publish photo albums about each of the interesting tourist attractions.

Thank you very much for your support.

The history of Ukraine is interesting and ancient. It is important to research it as much as possible and pass this information on to the next generations.

Peace be upon you all.

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